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What we stock

Large selection of tropical fish and we can guarantee we quarantine them for a minimum of two weeks before coming onto the shop floor.


We are more than happy to welcome customer requests and we will do our best to source them.

Also Pond Fish now available

Tropical & Cold Water Fish

As soon as you enter the shop you will hear our beautiful selection of birds singing away..... budgies, finches, doves, parakeets, lovebirds and more. We are extremely proud of our aviaries as they allow the birds room to fly, and we make sure they are not heavily stocked! If we don't have the species you are looking for, please feel free to ask a member of staff as we have fantastic links to reliable breeders. 


Want to know more...

We have a very good variety off UK grown pond plants. Mixtures of all sizes from 1 litre pots right through to 10 litres! Good range of oxygenating, marginal and lillys. Weather dependant, but these should start becoming available mid-end march, with the varieties expanding throughout the spring and summer months. 

Requests available

Pond Plants

Hamsters, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits. We are extremely lucky and fortunate enough to have a fantastic breeder for our rabbits, and therefore we may not have them available all the time (please ring ahead). We breed the majority of our own guinea pigs, and welcome people to view them from 4 weeks however we will not let them leave until 8 weeks old. We post regular photos of our new furries on social media.


    We have a small area of reptile livestock mainly consisting of tortoise, geckos and small lizards. Our dry goods section however is of a high standard where you can purchase substrates, live and frozen food, lamps, thermostats and much more. We love habistat products and stock a wide range of them.   

Small Furries & Reptiles

At the moment we have a small selection of high quality gluten free foods. We stock Lily's Kitchen tins and kibble and also Fish4Dogs. We also have a large selection of "The Dogs Butcher" raw dog food, we have a mixture of meat chunks, wings, necks and offal, but also stock their complete minces 80% meat 10%offal 10% bone in 1kg packs. 

Dorwest Herbal pet care products are also available in store! 

Small Selection of Dog/Cat Food